The Oh-So {Merry}Land

“Good Morning Baltimore” I sang in my head as I exited the plane Thursday morning. Upon my arrival, I ran through the airport and anxiously awaited the trip to come. The time was finally here: Ironman Maryland 2017! After more than six months of training, my dad’s day was quickly approaching.

So many expectations surrounded the trip. Was he going to finish? Was he going to be safe? Was he going to meet his expectations? But in the midst of all his excitement, I found a moment to unleash the inner artist inside of me.

Cambridge Boating Pier By: Taylor Moser

My artist date took place on Main Street in Cambridge, Maryland. It was a warm fall morning when I took a walk around the main plaza. I started the date with an attempt to stop at Dunkin’ Donuts grab a cup of coffee and a fresh glazed donut. However, my inner spontaneity took this date another direction. As I was walking, I smelt the deliciousness of what my nose thought was hot beignets. I immediately turned around and followed the scent like a dog to a bone. I was led to a quaint diner breakfast joint.

I walked in with my order ready to be blurted out to the waitress! When I looked at the menu, I didn’t see anything that looked like what I could have smelled. Instead, I found a Cambridge classic, scrapple.

I asked the waitress, “What is Scrapple?” she responded, “It’s a pork product. Don’t look it up on Google but I promise its delicious”. However, after doing the exact opposite of her advice and looking it up on Google, I noted this could definitely NOT be what I was smelling. So, I ordered a waffle and continued to ponder about myself and the proceedings of my artist date.

My artist date got difficult at this time. Julia Cameron warned me that this might happen, but I somehow ignored this blatant warning. Per usual, I figured it wouldn’t happen to me. I was struggling with my thoughts. Unsure what I “supposed” to be thinking about and wound up thinking about nothing. My inner artist was writhing in pain, not accustomed to this type of attention.

But as I continued to eat my waffle, I found peace and comfort in being by myself. I noticed the art pieces on the wall, the décor on the table, and the expected movements of others. For the first time in forever, my mind was relaxed; not worried about school, golf, traveling, or the many other oh so relevant events in today’s life.

I learned to let the inner crazy artist shine on a more regular basis and appreciate the little diners it can bring you into.


Assignment 2

  1. Why Golf Just Keeps Bringing in the Green

This article examines the economic side of golf. Although golf has thousands of viewers, the players make most of their money through large endorsement deals, while viewership tends to be fairly low compared to other professional sporting events such as the Superbowl. “Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods are ranked Nos. 2 and 3 respectively in annual endorsement dollars, winnings, and appearance fees”. However, adverting agencies are interested in the PGA due to the “highly-educated viewers” most often including CEOs.

2. Golf Goes From Business Essential to PR Hazard

Historically, golf has been a business activity. However, due to the drop in the economy, companies have been hesitant to book tee times with their clients. “Golf is an expensive game, a luxury, a leisure sport, and most people are not spending a ton of money on leisure these days” says Thomaselli. Sales of clubs, balls, and rounds of golf have decreased in recent history. Therefore, for businesses that are looking to take their clients out to the golf course, Rich Thomaselli is considering the economic crisis a PR hazard for corporations.

3. Not your Father’s Golf Game

This article analyzes the shift in the game of golf that Topgolf has created. Topgolf has changed the way that people think about golf to include women, men, and children alike. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars and hours of time out on the golf course, Topgolf allows people to play golf in a relaxed environment at a much lower cost. Topgolf is expecting great increases in the amount of visits in the coming year.

4. When the next Tiger Woods Enters Golf, Will the Industry be Ready?

Tiger Woods is a name the globe is familiar with, but his amazing golf rounds seem to be dwindling with age. According to the article, golf industries saw a major increase in sales while Tiger was in his prime. Gould agrees, “It seemed that every person out there with even a hint of interest in golf could be drawn to the game by this one charismatic player”. Gould claims that upon the arrival of another stud player, the golf industry is ready to welcome and accommodate them.

5. MD Roundtable: How to Continue Growing the Game

One of the continuously asked questions is how to continue growing the game. Ashley Mayo says, “Topgolf is doing a great job of attracting golfers and non-golfers alike. They make golf seem fun to not only golfers but non-golfers”. This encourages people to get to the golf course and continue to practice. Globally, golf is the eighth largest sport in the world. If advocates can get the sport away from traditional talking avenues such as politics, there could be great growth in the game in the future. The biggest stigma to overcome is both the time and cost of the game. Courses have recently started offering rates on three to nine holes in order to overcome these two main obstacles for the game.

The top three trends in the golf industry are: engaging more people besides businessmen, how the economy effects the game due to its inherent audience, and the outgoing of a great superstar, Tiger Woods.